Rhythms of the Latin World – Workshop

Rhythms of the Latin World – Workshop

In this workshop students will experience Latin American culture through dance and music, learning how the customs and beliefs of waves of immigrants from across the globe have blended and evolved. The instructors will share geography and fun facts then demonstrate examples of the music and dance for a variety of Latin American countries. The instructors will explain how the succession of cultures influenced the evolution of the society, as seen in the music and dance. Students will learn some of the most popular dances from Latin America, including their origins and evolution as well as basic steps and simple turns in several dances, such as Merengue, Salsa, Samba, and Bachata, which can be performed either on their own or in partnership. The workshop could include a performance by the dance professionals as well as a performance by the students themselves. The duration and goals of the workshop are customized to meet the needs of the school and can be taught in both English and Spanish. Programs are available in any combination of in-person, live online, and/or pre-recorded video. This workshop is designed for individual classrooms or groups of up to 100 students.

Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program: http://commotionnc.org/for-kids/

Artist Background

Led by Artistic Director Andre Avila from Bogota, Colombia, ComMotion’s teaching artists hail from countries across Latin America and have many years of experience sharing their cultures through their diverse music and dance. ComMotion has led programs for over 25,000 people of all ages and abilities around the world. Programs are adaptable to nearly any space, and can be taught in English and Spanish. Virtual programs utilize green screen technology to create an immersive learning experience. Our partners include schools across North Carolina, The Kennedy Center, and the US State Department. We are the recipient of the 2023 North Carolina Peace Prize from the NC Peace Corp Association. The prize honors a community-based, nonprofit organization whose work reflects the values of public awareness, education, cross-cultural understanding and community service.

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