Practicing the Art of Narrative Writing

Practicing the Art of Narrative Writing

Tony’s five-day residency program is specifically designed for, but not limited to, fourth graders. He works closely with classroom teachers to plan residencies that reinforce grade-level curriculum goals and objectives being studied at the time. Each class motivates students to think about and experience the power of self-expression through the written word. Tony maximizes student interest by using a variety of visualization techniques and by incorporating the art of storytelling, music, and/or hands-on exercises into each session. His teaching emphasizes a writing process that builds self-esteem in students and promotes the sharing of stories. Tony teaches a maximum of five classes (30 students maximum per class) per day. Classes are 45-60 minutes.


Artist Background

Tony Peacock has been sharing his love of writing with students for more than 20 years. He has lived in all regions of North Carolina and has been a lifelong student of our state’s diverse cultural and literary heritage. In addition to publishing fiction and creative nonfiction, Tony has worked as a newspaper columnist and written radio commentaries. He partners with teachers to enrich their curriculum goals and help students grow as writers. As a National Hollerin’ Champion, he often rewards students at the end of residencies by briefly demonstrating traditional calls used by farmers as a form of communication and expression. Tony’s impact on students and staff has been called “an amazing story of connecting and bonding.”

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