Pirate Goodie And The Magic Chest

Pirate Goodie And The Magic Chest

Come along with Pirate Goodie Twoshoes and his parrot Pete on an amazing undersea adventure. Goodie can’t remember how to open his magic chest full of treasure. So he calls upon the audience and his animated friends to help. Each character exhibits major character flaws and Goodie helps to identify them and find ways to correct behavior. The show includes a giant video screen with colorful animations and charming puppets. Plenty of magic, music and comedy make this show unforgettable. Duration: 30 or 50 Minute Show. For Ages: Pre-K – 5th Grade. Setup: 30 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours depending upon the performance space.

To view an excerpt of this program visit: https://youtu.be/6Kr1Fy-V5Io

Artist Background

For over thirty years, A Story Ship has offered unique performances and workshops combining technology, animation, puppetry, comedy-theater, magic and music. The show’s sets include a giant video projection system that brings the animation to life. The Story Ship’s Actor and the audience interact with the animation as the stories unfold. With a wonderful array of magic tricks, puppets, musical theater and comedy skits, the audience is drawn away from the animation into a live interactive experience. Our shows and workshops teach common core and STEM standards using the latest technologies including our newest 3D experiences.

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