The Math Machine | Number Drummer Live 1

The Math Machine | Number Drummer Live 1

NEW OPTIONS!!! GRADE-LEVEL PERFORMANCES!!! “The Math Machine” is the kick-off of the Number Drummer series of performances. It sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind live interactive math & music experience where the entire audience “drums” up math to create a spectacular rhythmic performance. During part 1, experience drumming through addition, multiplication, fractions, measurement, algebra, and more. Experience math through beat, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, tempo, form, and more.

1. Every student plays an instrument
2. Up to 300 students perform simultaneously
3. Provides 100% student engagement
4. Delivers 50 minutes of non-stop math & music
5. Built upon in-depth math & music curriculum connections
6. Targets specific grade-level learning standards
7. Can be customized and adapted for students with disabilities, AIG, Pre-K, and more!
8. Created and presented by a musician, classroom teacher, and instructional coach with over 25 years of experience

Number Drummer Live is inspiring, energizing, and 100% hands-on engagement. It is the ultimate live interactive educational experience.

Artist Background

Number Drummer creator, Troy Kryzalka, has worked in music and education for over 25 years. Along with being a musician and classroom teacher, Troy has worked in curriculum and instruction as a trainer, coach, and developer. Number Drummer was created because Troy struggled to learn and understand music the traditional way. Math became his approach for learning music, so it naturally became his method for teaching. Troy has delivered his Number Drummer program to thousands of students and educators across the U.S., and has been recognized and awarded by Yale University for his innovative teaching approach.

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