Nature Art Experience

Nature Art Experience

This project is designed for grades K-2. Students will create art using natural materials, spending time in a designated natural area around the school campus creating outdoor nature art installations and making a magical outdoor space. The activities and projects will vary seasonally but will include- creating creatures using natural materials, leaf printing, drawings incorporating pressed flowers and leaves, earth art installations outdoors, and a step by step animal drawing tutorial. We will photograph the more ephemeral projects to document them for the school, and the school will have the option to display sculptural and/or drawing projects before sending them home. If weather permits will build a rudimentary shelter using sheets and blankets where we will read stories that tie in to the projects we do. Children will use natural objects in the outdoor space to create their own magic nature environment. There will be a variety of nature art projects offered- something new every day!

One of the purposes of this project is to foster a relationship with the natural world. Connecting with nature has been proven to reduce stress and promote imaginative play. Helping children feel comfortable and happy outdoors is part of social emotional learning- helping them learn to regulate their emotions.

Another purpose is to familiarize children with natural materials such as pinecones, wildflowers, twigs, and acorns. We encourage children to closely examine these materials and study their parts. We also encourage them to learn about the materials through their senses, how does it feel and smell? Our nature art activities are imagination centered and open ended, encouraging exploration of the materials and play.

Artist Background

Anna Podris and Keith Norval, both Savannah College of Art and Design graduates, are a husband and wife art team who are active in the local arts scene and in art education. They are founding members of the new City Market Artist Collective – a gallery run for and by artists. They have taught kids’ summer art classes to a variety of ages for many years at a variety of places including Artspace, Wild at Art and the NCMA. Both are professional painters and have taught mural painting, sculpture, sewing, printmaking, bookmaking and mixed media. They find that working with kids regularly helps keep them inspired in the studio. Their philosophy is to give kids the tools to create and creative freedom to explore. Every kid has a unique imagination!

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