Music Beyond Borders: Llanera, Joropo, Bluegrass with Larry & Joe

Music Beyond Borders: Llanera, Joropo, Bluegrass with Larry & Joe

Legendary Llanero musician, teacher, and Venezuelan migrant Larry Bellorín & globe-trotting old time teacher and GRAMMY-nominated Joe Troop play a fusion of Venezuelan and Appalachian music featuring instruments from both musicians’ respective folk inheritances: banjo, harp, fiddle, cuatro, guitar, upright bass, maracas, and voice – both original and reimagined music.Larry & Joe deliver an engaging bilingual program that features not only their respective musical traditions, Joropo and Bluegrass, but also storytelling, singalongs, and dancing.With a focus on student engagement and participation, optional supplemental materials include bilingual lyric sheets, geographical maps, and vocabulary lists. Students are encouraged to ask questions related to music and culture. Students may feel moved to dance, and we sure hope they do. We hope they leave feeling connected, inspired, curious, and welcome.

Artist Background

Larry Bellorín was born in Punta de Mata in the state of Monagas, Venezuela. He is a singer, professional musician, and former president of the musical foundation “Casa Vieja” where he taught string instruments and singing techniques to children, youth and adults in his community and surroundings. His greatest wish is that the music of his country be respected, loved and known. Joe Troop is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter hailing originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The founder of GRAMMY-nominated Argentina-based string band Che Apalache, Troop’s music is deeply embedded with and inspired by his activism. He loves working with children.This duo met in 2021. They released their debut album, Nuevo South Train, in March 2023.

Notable appearances include the John F. Kennedy Center, Shalin Liu, the JAI Theatre, the Pablo Center, and more.

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