Mural Painting with Anna Podris & Keith Norval

Mural Painting with Anna Podris & Keith Norval

What makes an impactful mural? Dynamic composition, color harmonies and compelling subject matter for sure, but also intangibles like heart and spirit. We are two professional painters with many years of experience translating ideas into images. We would love to work with your school to help you communicate your ideas and values to all who come through your building. Some murals we have completed include a cityscape with each building representing an area of study or talent, an outdoor scene depicting the natural beauty in the school’s immediate surroundings, and an international themed leadership mural. The mural can be about any subject matter – science themes, literature themes, North Carolina or Raleigh history. Other subjects are themes that promote compassion and friendship among students, or encourage them to do their best work. We meet with the school and the PTA to brainstorm ideas before our planning stage. Students will paint the mural on a lightweight substrate that is easily shaped and hung. It is placed on tabletops so the students can all have access. The finished mural can be hung anywhere!

Artist Background

Anna Podris and Keith Norval, both Savannah College of Art and Design graduates, are a husband and wife art team who are active in the local arts scene and in art education. They are founding members of the new City Market Artist Collective – a gallery run for and by artists. They have taught kids’ summer art classes to a variety of ages for many years at a variety of places including Artspace, Wild at Art and the NCMA. Both are professional painters and have taught mural painting, sculpture, sewing, printmaking, bookmaking and mixed media. They find that working with kids regularly helps keep them inspired in the studio. Their philosophy is to give kids the tools to create and creative freedom to explore. Every kid has their own unique imagination!

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