Moving Through the Life Cycles of Flowers & Butterflies

Moving Through the Life Cycles of Flowers & Butterflies

During this 3-5 day, in-person or virtual residency, PreK-2nd grade students (and their classroom teachers!) will be provided with a whole body learning experience connected directly to their science and literacy curriculum standards. The teaching artist will model the integration of dance/movement arts strategies and standards to explore the concepts and objectives of the life science curriculum standards, specifically the lifecycles of a seed to a flower and a caterpillar to a butterfly. Students will use their bodies to create and demonstrate the four different stages of each of these lifecycles while exploring non-locomotor and locomotor movements in shared space with their classmates.

This residency program can be modified, upon request. The teaching artist will use similar dance/movement arts integration strategies to explore a variety of curriculum standards. Erin welcomes the opportunity to design new residency programs, working in direct collaboration with the classroom teacher to plan experiences focused on the specific curriculum standard(s) currently being taught in the classroom.

Artist Background

Erin Badger-Coffey discovered at a young age that, like many children who are sensorially driven, she learns best through movement. Since 2013, Erin has been supporting early childhood educators by providing arts-integration professional development in the classroom and virtually throughout North Carolina and Virginia as a Wolf Trap Dance/Movement Teaching Artist. Most recently, Erin joined the team of Fellows with A+ Schools of North Carolina. She has been creating and facilitating Arts Integration Workshops for Educators and families. In 2019 she became a Lead Dance Instructor for the Inspire Inclusion Dance program in Charlotte, NC. She worked on the Program Team at Kidznotes from 2019-2022. Erin graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA), where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance.

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