Moscow Nights

Moscow Nights

Moscow Nights has an extensive program available for students, adaptable to all grade levels – elementary, middle and high schools. A study guide, available for the teachers and students, includes information about Russian music, the artists and instruments, hands-on classroom activities, word search, bibliography, and reference guide. Through participation the students will learn Russian words, songs, dance, and percussive rhythmic styles. The outcome of the program will be to broaden the student’s understanding of Russian culture, language, geography, music, and dance. Performances can include Golden Gates, dancers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

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Artist Background

Award-winning musical ambassadors from St. Petersburg, Russia, Moscow Nights, now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an exciting, versatile ensemble of world-recognized, virtuosic musicians. Having established themselves as one of the fastest rising musical groups in the United States and with the release of four recordings, these classically trained artists first took Western Europe by storm and now are bringing their enthralling music to North America. Featuring vocals, Russian percussion, bayan (accordion), zhaleika (wind instrument), and the hottest balalaika playing around, Moscow Nights is slated to be a top highlight for concerts, school shows, and festivals.

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