Pixel Mosaic Math (One Day Workshop)

Pixel Mosaic Math (One Day Workshop)

This program is ideal for hands on learners! Artist leads a one-hour, hands-on creative activity with mosaic tiles/trays as a jump start to understanding fractions. Math concepts such as array, length/width/area/perimeter, numerator/denominator, reducing fractions will be addressed while allowing each student to create a temporary pattern or picture with the mosaic materials. Artist will also show a sample mosaic artwork, and discuss safety with materials, and connection between math and art. Modifications for K-2 include an emphasis on patterning/sorting/counting, or can be adapted for middle school students as well. Program is designed such that mosaic tiles are returned to the artist at the end of the workshop, if a permanent mosaic work is desired, please see Mosaic Math/Mural program for details.

Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUcCkoMwIiw

Artist Background

Jeannette Brossart has been a professional mosaic artist since 2003, and has lived in Durham since 2005. Her work includes public murals, large scale sculpture, custom installations, gallery art, garden art and mosaic jewelry. Jeannette has received numerous awards, appeared in publications, has facilitated over 90 workshops and residencies for participants from preschool to senior citizens. Jeannette is a professional teaching artist, selected for a two-week intensive with the Lincoln Center Education in 2016, as well as facilitated customized residences for multiple county/city school systems and Art Councils around North Carolina and beyond.

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