Marvelous Mosaics (Math and Murals)

Marvelous Mosaics (Math and Murals)

Students will learn about mosaic art; a brief multicultural history, pattern vs. picture, various examples with different materials/properties. A curriculum focus can be integrated as desired; math, world cultures, literacy, and diversity. Students may be involved in the design process. Students will be working hands on with mosaic materials as appropriate to age. Artist cuts and tumbles stained glass for younger students ahead of residency for safety. Very clear instructions are provided for mosaic making sessions including safety with materials, collaboration/respect, and step by step assembly per project. Artist has developed several ways of working so that this experience is organized, and portioned out, for a smooth, fun experience for the first student to the last. Usually this is achieved in partners or small group work, but depends on number of participants and size of project. Grouting and finishing is explained to younger participants as applicable.

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Artist Background

Jeannette Brossart, has been a professional mosaic artist since 2003, and has lived in Durham since 2005. Her work includes public murals, large scale sculpture, custom installations, gallery art, garden art, and facilitated a wide variety of integrated curriculum school and community mosaic projects. Jeannette has received numerous awards, appeared in publication, as has facilitated a variety of workshops and residencies for participants from preschool to senior citizens. She takes pride in customizing each experience based on the participants age, skill, desired process, integrated concepts, and final desired project outcome.

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