Make a Mosaic! Creativity with Color Pattern Blocks

Make a Mosaic! Creativity with Color Pattern Blocks

Artist will bring an actual mosaic for students to see and feel, and to understand the art form. Participants may then plan their design on paper with a large-scale grid paper provided by the artist (school provides crayons, colored pencils, or markers as desired). Artist will provide letter pattern suggestions as needed. Participants will be working with ¾” multicolored glass tile to create a letter or number based on a pixel or array (rows and columns) design; spontaneous color patterns can also be successful. The tiles fit into squares on the grid tray which can be pushed into place. (Hand-over-hand is a great modification as needed for this activity). Once the pattern is complete, tile tape will be placed on top and the mosaic can be lifted out of the tray to be mounted onto a base tile. These should dry in the classroom, and after several days, the tape may be removed, and the mosaic taken home (or a set could be made for classroom use). Additional activities could include each student presenting their artwork, designing more mosaic/artwork based on a grid, artist can provide a write or draw reflection sheet, etc. This workshop/residency works best over 2 or 3 sessions depending on what you would like to include and time frame that works best for your students.

*Pica can be a concern with ¾” square tiles. Please advise when booking, alternate materials can be discussed.  We ask for a planning meeting via phone to discuss students needs.

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Artist Background

Jeannette Brossart has been a professional mosaic artist since 2003, and teaching artist since 2009. She has worked with ages 3-83 and has facilitated large group mosaic murals as well as take home projects. She participated in a training with Arts Access and was chosen for a mentored experience in an Exceptional Children’s/Special Education Elementary classroom and then presented her workshop on a Very Special Arts (VSA) webinar. It is important to her that every participant has a meaningful experience and is happy to listen and work with you to find the best practices for your students and classroom. She can work in inclusion settings with kids with a variety of abilities or with smaller self contained classrooms. She was chosen to participate in a two-week Teaching Artist “laboratory” at Lincoln Center, NYC (2016) and was a curated delegate to the International Teaching Artist Conference 4 (Sept 2018).

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