Literacy Through Drama

Literacy Through Drama

This three day residency for grades K-3 uses theatre exercises to promote excitement about reading and improve literacy skills with elementary students. Using theatre strategies helps to increase comprehension, enjoyment and confidence in emerging readers. Participants will be able to identify elements of a story (plot, character, problem, resolution, theme). More importantly by becoming the characters in the book and reenacting scenes, students gain a better understanding of the book and feel a more personal connection with it. Teachers also get the added benefit of seeing arts integrated strategies facilitated in their classroom that can be used across the curriculum. Since launching this program in 2016, 84% of students agree with the statement, “Acting out stories makes reading more fun” and 94% percent of teachers report feeling confident facilitating at least one of the strategies from the residency in another lesson in the future. Books used are chosen according to grade level.

Artist Background

Raleigh Little Theatre’s education program engages young people ages 2-18 in theatrical training and personal development. Raleigh Little Theatre is dedicated to the belief that theatre training promotes self esteem, builds confidence, stimulates creativity, sharpens communication skills, fosters an appreciation of community, raises cultural awareness, celebrates diversity, encourages respect for self and others and lays a foundation for a lifelong love of the arts. The study of theatre not only trains students to be better actors, it inspires them to be better people.

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