Kids Telling Stories: Literacy at the Tip of Your Tongue!

Kids Telling Stories: Literacy at the Tip of Your Tongue!

In this fun, highly interactive, single class workshop students are able to tell a story in pairs without the pressure of telling the whole story themselves. This is accomplished through story listening, analysis, outlining, simple modeling, paired work, embodying the story, license for creative ideas and group sharing. And it’s fun!! Students are able to enjoy what Rona calls “Living Literacy” in a non-threatening, fun way. Skills include public speaking and communication, imaginative thinking, analytical/critical skills, oral and descriptive language, active listening, auditory memory, self-confidence and sequencing. Storytelling is a great equalizer for kids who have challenges with reading and writing, allowing them to have a positive experience with language. Rona will meet with each class for 1-1.25 hours, up to four classes/day. This can be a stand a alone workshop or a follow-up from performances. Grades 3-6: longer residencies available where older students share their stories with the younger grades during a “StoryFest!”. Rona’s other workshops/residencies include: “Story Toolbox: Making Stories From Scratch”, “The Art of Questioning”, “Writing with Storytelling in Mind”,“Creating and Telling Personal Narratives”..and more! Equivalent programs available for middle and senior high.

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Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Rona Leventhal is the real deal! She knows how to engage kids of all ages. She understands schools. She’s an Educator. And she’s lots of fun! For nearly three decades Rona has put laughter in the belly and smiles in the hearts of listeners with her exuberant, dramatic style. She effectively imparts messages and educational concepts in a captivating, entertaining fashion. A certified Teacher and Improv Theatre/Movement Specialist, Rona calls storytelling “Living Literacy” and “Theatre of the Imagination”….essential for inquiring and creative minds. Her motto: “Bringing Imagination and Motivation to Literacy and Learning” while meeting curriculum goals. Approved Performing Artist and Teaching Artist: Massachusetts Cultural Council, New England Touring Roster, BOCES (NY), Hartford Performs (CT), Connecticut Storytelling Center. Professional Development Provider with the state of Massachusetts.

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