Kids Make Comics! Residency

Kids Make Comics! Residency

FOR GRADES 3- 5: In this 4-day residency, students who participate in this program will be introduced to the art of making comics, and will create their own full-page comic project. Guided by the artist through PowerPoint instruction and drawing demonstrations, they will be introduced to not only the art/drawing techniques used to create black and white comics (such as penciling, inking and lettering), but also the important role that writing plays in their creation. Students with varying skill levels in both drawing and writing will be successful in creating their very own full page comic!


Artist Background

Dave McDonald’s cartooning and comics programs give students the tools they need to be successful at creating and drawing their own unique characters and writing original stories for them. His goal is to ensure that each student realizes that if they have an imagination, then they have the ability to successfully tell stories in graphic form. I teach that simple shapes make super characters using PERSONIFICATION, allowing even the most “reluctant artist” to succeed! HIs instructional videos are featured on the educational reading app, Epic! and Youtube channel Dave McDonald Art.

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