Kaboom Poetry Show

Kaboom Poetry Show

The Kaboom Poetry show gives students and teachers a wide variety of poems so they can experience the depth and scope of what poetry can sound and look like when it’s performed. I’ve memorized dozens of my own poems that I can act out—sometimes as a dramatic spoken word piece or sometimes with help from audience members who act out various gestures and call-and-response parts from the poem. I also perform with my devil sticks (also known as juggling sticks), an art form that is said to have originated in China. Whether it’s a rap about soccer or an adventure with a surfing llama or a visit to see the Alligator Cafe, I like to take students on a journey where they can discover what poetry is and how they can express themselves through poetry. My hope is that students and teachers come away entertained, informed and eager to learn more about poetry.

Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program: https://www.michaelbeadle.com/schedule

Artist Background

Michael Beadle is a poet, author, and teaching artist with a passion for language, writing and literature. He’s taught creative writing workshops since 1999. His focus is to encourage, inspire and challenge writers to express themselves so they can become more confident with writing and be lifelong learners and creative problem solvers. In addition to a 15-year career as a journalist, he’s published five poetry books, a poetry CD, and three photographic history books on Haywood County (NC). In 2012, he was selected as a poet-in-residence at the NC Zoo. He’s been an emcee for the NC Poetry Out Loud state finals and served as statewide coordinator of student poetry contests for the NC Poetry Society.

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