Jungle Tales

Jungle Tales

Take a wild trip into the jungles of Brazil and Africa. Antonio draws from his repertoire of Folk Tales with an ecological theme and a myriad of fantastic sound effects, incredible movements and unforgettable characters. He will turn into a crocodile, a jaguar, a macaw and more right before your eyes. Students will learn about the diversity of the Rain Forest habitat as well as core values on conservation, getting along, respect and perseverance again all odds. This program has been performed successfully in many of the Wake County area schools.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Antonio Rocha, originally from Brazil, presents a unique fusion of acting, mime and realistic sound effects creating an extremely engaging and dynamic educational experience. His career spans 30 years with performances including Wolf Trap, The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian and several storytelling festivals, schools and libraries across the USA and 16 other countries and across 6 continents. He is the recipient of prestigious awards such as Parents Choice GOLD in 2008 and The Oracle Circle of Excellence by The National Storytelling Network, 2015. Antonio has also been in the roster of United Arts since 2010 presenting successfully in the both elementary and middle schools settings.

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