A Mike Wiley Production

A Mike Wiley Production

Mike Wiley himself tours a number of original one-man performances throughout the US and Canada. These works include ONE NOBLE JOURNEY: A BOX MARKED FREEDOM, the true story of Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who crated and mailed himself to freedom, BREACH OF PEACE, recounting personal stories of members of the Freedom Riders of 1961, JACKIE ROBINSON: A GAME APART about African American athletes who pushed the color barrier to its breaking point, and TIRED SOULS: THE MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTT, documenting men and women who stood up to Jim Crow segregation.

Use this link to view a video excerpt from this program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPH3a3O_FV8&feature=youtu.be

Both in-person and virtual (pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Mike Wiley is a North Carolina-based actor & playwright whose compelling works of documentary theatre yield rich and powerful journeys to milestones and turning points of a cultural history. With a remarkable ability to inspire dialog, his creative vision and talents are broad and magnetic. He shares a gift that helps audiences and communities start to peel layers of misunderstanding. When the curtain comes down on a performance, the experience has far from “ended.” It’s much more likely that light may have seeped through. Wiley’s overriding goal is expanding cultural awareness for audiences of all ages through dynamic portrayals based on pivotal moments in African-American history and, in doing so, helping to unveil a richer picture of the American experience.

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