Island Journey

Island Journey

The Bacchanal Steel Band is a four-piece musical ensemble consisting of the following instruments: two sets of steel drums (tenor pan and double second pan), drumset, and electric bass. Our performances feature a variety of music, from calypso and pop to classical. Along the way, audiences from pre-school to adult will learn how steel drums were invented, how they are made, and how a musical ensemble works together to create beautiful music, all in a custom, age-appropriate manner. All of this will conclude with audience members joining us as part of the percussion section or “engine room”ť for an exciting finale!


Artist Background

The Bacchanal Steel Band is greater Cincinnati’s premiere Caribbean ensemble, promoting the world’s newest acoustic instrument through performance, demonstration, and storytelling. Since 1999, Bacchanal (meaning a huge party) has been entertaining and educating throughout the Midwest with its combination of calypso, soca, reggae, pop, and classical music. From Belefonte, to Beethoven, to Buffet, audiences marvel at the lush tones produced on these instruments made from 55-gallon oil barrels. The band has performed throughout the Caribbean as well as opened for The Beach Boys and their debut CD, Standard, on the Stork record label, features music written for “pan”ť by the greatest composers of the genre.

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