Irish Roots and American Branches

Irish Roots and American Branches

Performing live Irish music and dance with their descendant American styles, Footworks illuminates the American story of traditions coming from the Old World and meeting others here, resulting in new traditions. Students learn the powerful role the Irish played in the shaping of the United States, and North Carolinian and American culture. The program varies for different grade levels but all performances include lots of audience participation (learning songs and dance steps) and a stellar music and dance performance. An Elementary school performance focus’ on the Irish cultural narrative; middle school: focus on the social significance of Irish immigration to the United States; high school: focus on early Irish immigration to America, why it began, and some of the effects of their settlement in the United States. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, American History, North Carolina History, Music, Dance.

Artist Background

Celebrating 40 years as a performing arts ensemble, Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble is an internationally recognized, roots-based music and dance company showcasing the cultural diversity of percussive dance. Footworks has a reputation for exceptional performances, bringing the joy and energy of percussive dance and music to audiences worldwide. The ensemble always performs with its own highly accomplished award-winning musicians and is dedicated to teaching and working with youth, recognized for over 40 years in Arts-In-Education. Footworks offers a wide range of services including theater productions, festival performances, workshops, arts-integrated school assemblies and residencies, and youth and community outreach programming. All of Footworks programming is a celebration of the cultural diversity found in the United States. The Washington Post declares, “The eruptive joy of Footworks dancers is as contagious as laughter!”

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