Hobey Ford’s Touring Puppetry Performances

Hobey Ford’s Touring Puppetry Performances

Hobey Ford’s performances incorporate a variety of puppetry styles: Bunraku, rod, marionettes, “Foamies” and shadow puppetry. He adapts tales from various cultures and the natural world for many of his performances and addresses storytelling, literature and science. He designs and constructs all of his Golden Rod puppets and the beautiful sets that surround them. Hobey tours a repertoire of up to five performances for Pre K-7th grade. Each performance is accompanied by a study guide. Sea Song – explores the biology of the seashore; Animalia – explores the magical world of animals; Migration – wonders of migration and learning through reading; World Tales – puppetry techniques and stories from around the world; The Rainbow Bridge and Other Tales – Chumash, Puerto Rican and Nordic stories.

Use this link to view video excerpts from these programs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS-r8h87W2Y&list=PLB209BC69D05C6ADF


Artist Background

“As a puppetry performer and educator, I use arts integration in all aspects of my work. I cover topics like migration, metamorphosis, animal behavior and folktales. I use multiple forms of puppetry techniques including adapted Japanese bunraku, rod puppetry from eastern Europe and shadow puppetry from China in adapted contemporary form, but give context to the original traditions. I make all of my puppets and after the performances I show the students how I make and manipulate the puppets using different types of intelligence: art, engineering, animal science and movement.” Winner of the UNIMA Citation for Excellence, three Jim Henson Foundation grants, and member of the Kennedy Center Teaching Roster, Hobey Ford is known for his excellence in puppetry performance as well as his skill as a master storyteller. Hobey utilizes his artistic studies from the State University of New York and the University of North Carolina at Asheville to design and construct all of his puppets. Hobey’s performances present puppetry styles and traditional tales from the United States and around the world. He provides shadow puppetry workshops for students and teachers as well as writing process enhanced by puppetry for teachers and students.

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