Hands-On Harp Workshop with 30 Harps

Hands-On Harp Workshop with 30 Harps

Holly’s Harps hands-on workshops includes as many hands-on workshops as we can fit into your day. The program can serve hundreds of students in a day. All activities are easily modified for students with disabilities. Workshops have a dual focus on science curriculum and music learning. Every student plays one of the 30 small harps the artist brings. Participants experiment with acoustical science (and physics if high school level), and then use music concepts to build a beautiful song that everyone plays together. Within a few minutes, students understand the science behind the instrument in their hands, and they are creating a song using patterns they have discovered or created. Activities and vocabulary for science and music are aligned with grade level curriculum, e.g. K-2nd uses simple patterns, 3rd-5th combines patterns, 6th-8th creates new patterns based on math, high school composes new parts. Each workshop serves one grade at a time, or two contiguous grades, for example K-1 or 1-2. (Exception: any middle school grades or any high school grades can do a workshop together.) 60 students maximum per workshop in K-2, because they work in pairs. 30 students maximum per workshop in grades 3 or older, because each student has his/her own harp. Holly recommends starting the day with an assembly (no extra fee) to familiarize students with the scientific and musical concepts before the hands-on workshops. Multi-day residencies can include additional workshops incorporating harp-related graphing and artwork. If your students already play other instruments such as recorder or classroom percussion, they are easily incorporated into a final performance for the community. Student performances for local senior citizens are highly encouraged.

Artist Background

Holly of Holly’s Harps is a real person! Winner of the Continuing Creativity Award, Holly believes there is no “one size fits all” in learning. Holly loves to hep students discover that the connections between art and science are very real. She creates activities to meet state standards for each grade, yet her programs are unique in the country. Holly also works extensively with special needs students, senior citizens and people living with dementia. She initiated Music Magnificent’s partner program for artists working with special needs populations, which has mentored over 900 artists world-wide. Holly inspires over 21,000 people per year with musical experiences that encourage their curiosity and support their creativity. Holly is founder of Lyrica, whose first recording won the Davies Prize. She is also a cathedral musician and the harpist for ensembles in USA and Europe.

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