Greek Mythology: Love Stories

Greek Mythology: Love Stories

Greek mythology is filled with adventure, tragedy and compassion. The stories explain the origin of humankind, natural phenomena, and why and how we love. The love stories can be extreme, unpredictable, outrageous and even comical. They tell of relationships, romance and love . . . often starring gallant heroes who had fantastic journeys and experiences. Linda’s stories stay true to the myths but usually include a twist in how she tells them: audience participation, unique story formats, and even a Reader’s Theater format (Perseus & Medusa). These popular stories are suitable for students in grades five and up who are studying Greek Mythology. Current offerings include: Perseus & Medusa, Orpheus & Eurydice, Cupid & Psyche, Atalanta, Pygmalion and Baucis & Philemon. Grades 5 and up.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Linda Gorham’s performances are filled with surprising twists and unconventional humor. For 25 years, Linda has engaged audiences with highly interactive folktales, distinctive myths, notably twisted fairy tales and riveting well-rehearsed historical stories. Each age-appropriate performance is infused with Linda’s unique, signature ‘sophisticated attitude.’ Linda’s award winning children’s CD “Common Sense and Uncommon Fun” breathes new life into timeless multicultural folktales. Linda performs internationally and has been featured at storytelling festivals all over the United States. “Linda can rivet people of all walks of life with tales from all over the world. To some, Gorham is a hip, here-and-now modern day griot.” -Chicago Tribune

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