Love Stories from Greek Mythology

Love Stories from Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is filled with adventure, tragedy and compassion. The stories explain the origin of humankind, natural phenomena, and why and how we love. The love stories can be extreme, unpredictable, outrageous and even comical. They tell of relationships, romance and love . . . often starring gallant heroes who had fantastic journeys and experiences. In this program, Linda’s stories stay true to the myths, but include twists: audience participation, unique story formats, and even a Reader’s Theater format (Perseus & Medusa). These popular stories are suitable for students who are studying Greek Mythology. Current offerings include: Perseus & Medusa, Orpheus & Eurydice, Atalanta, Pygmalion, and Baucis & Philemon. Grades 5 and up.

Artist Background

Storytelling was not Linda’s first career. She enjoyed her corporate years in the Actuarial, Human Resources, Training, and Public Affairs Departments for Prudential Insurance Company’s Home Office. But Linda had a creative side that ‘yearned to breathe free,’ so she left corporate life and started her own storytelling business. It was different, a little scary, but a risk she could not ignore as Storytelling gives her an opportunity to expose audiences of all ages to different cultures, teach without preaching, spread the love of books and learning, and travel internationally. Linda has performed with the North Carolina Symphony, at the National Storytelling Festival, and at many storytelling festivals, museums, schools and universities around the country. Her CDs have won several national awards, and the Wall of Names and Voices at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee includes Linda’s photo and this quote: “Stories, whether family, folk, twisted or true, remind us that embellished is acceptable, simple is complex, and the joy of sharing is priceless. Share some love. Tell someone a story.”

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