All New From Bach to Doo-Wop to Rock and Roll!

All New From Bach to Doo-Wop to Rock and Roll!

Capital Transit is a band of five professional musicians who take kids on an interactive journey through 500 years of Music History in 50 minutes. NEVER boring, they’ll perform Baroque & classical music, Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Doo-Wop and Rock & Roll. Humorous and engaging, Capital Transit sings four-part harmony and plays keyboard, sax, flute, clarinet, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, and banjo. Highly educational and entertaining, kids love it as they interact with the band, play instruments with the band, move, clap, and even dance! Some “composers” make surprise visits too! A colorful PowerPoint accompanies the show. With key points for kids to listen for and remember, it addresses the NC Course of Study in History, Music, & Social Studies. Weeks before the show, Ms. Youngman delivers a CD and pre-show packet to the music teacher to help prepare all the students in the school to recognize and identify songs and composers. The music teacher may keep the packet to use forever!

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Artist Background

Capital Transit is a lively, education-enriching, 5-piece vocal/instrumental group that makes music history FUN! Grad of Oberlin School of Music, singer/songwriter Tim Smith plays sax, flute, piano nationally & locally. Drew Lile plays guitar, banjo & mandolin with NC Symphony, NC Jazz Rep Orchestra, Nat’l Broadway Tours, & visiting artists Lucciano Pavoratti, the Pointer Sisters, Little Anthony & the Imperials & more. Laura Ridgeway, vocalist for 20 years, has conducted many kids shows. Dave Youngman (HS of Music & Art in NYC & then UB) plays five instruments and has written and performed 35 years. Singer/pianist Lola Youngman (BS in Mus Ed), music educator for 30 years, has written and directed many kids shows, including “Pieces of Gold”.

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