Explorations Through Genre!

Explorations Through Genre!

Degrees of Brass offers an inventive and exciting program focused on exploring various genres of music. Students will enjoy an exciting musical journey filled with activities, audience participation and more! The following is a list of the music that we are performing:

Suasto Danserye: Renaissance Dance Music, Early Instrumental Music
Toreador: Opera aria, Spanish Culture, Predecessor to film
Blue Skies: One of America’s earliest art forms in jazz
Tonight from West Side Story: Trumpet Feature, Music Theatre, Love Story, Retelling of Romeo and Juliet
Imagine: Protest anthem, British Invasion
Sir Duke: Horns Featured in Pop Music
Star Wars Throne Room: Celebration Music, Movie Music, Force Theme
High Hopes: Energy infused dance music, Electronics influence
Old Town Road: Closer, Combo Country/Hip-Hop Tune, Genre Collaborations

This show is recommended for K-8 and can be adapted if so desired. The descriptions next to the pieces are short explanations of each piece that can be expanded upon for a writing activity or a classroom discussion. Here is a list of potential activities that could be completed in class:

How has opera influenced music that we hear today?
Ask students what the music of a specific song (Student Choice, Teacher Choice) makes them think about.
Was the music recognizable without the lyrics? Why or why not?
Does the medium of brass change how the music sounds to you?

Any activity that is open-ended is encouraged to allow the students to express themselves. Feel free to develop your own activity based on the repertoire we are performing!

Artist Background

DEGREES OF BRASS includes members of all backgrounds and professions that include: College professors, Music Ministers, Military members, and more. Together they believe in being light hearted and fun with education and a cultural experience in mind. With our diverse musical backgrounds comes an enthusiasm and passion for music that doesn’t fit it into the “box”. We believe the Brass Quintet concert experience is so much than just hearing sounds – it’s an event that engages all the senses and your brain! They also break the norm of the traditional musical group to develop their diverse material WITH the educator into a performance that can follow many paths. We love working with creative and ‘out of the box’ educators! Come experience DEGREES OF BRASS!

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