Dynamic Self-Portraits – Celebrate Diversity!

Dynamic Self-Portraits – Celebrate Diversity!

What makes our schools in Wake County unique is the diversity of the students – Diversity makes us stronger!

This project will demonstrate that the differences we have in our backgrounds and personalities make for a well rounded school community. Students will come away from this project proud of the unique contributions they make – just by being themselves! Students will paint a self-portrait of their face on a round wooden format, on the reverse they will choose to paint an object, animal or idea that symbolizes their personality and/or school values.

Paintings will be installed in rows by wire or string so that they line up. They can be installed outdoors or indoors. They will be reversible, so that the viewer can see both sides. To prepare for painting faces, the artists will custom mix a wide range of skin and hair paint colors. This project is a way to show how we are all different from one another, but also how alike we are. We are also able to modify the project for schools – relating the themes with curriculum or with school wide values.

Artist Background

Anna Podris and Keith Norval, both Savannah College of Art and Design graduates, are a husband and wife art team who are active in the arts scene and in art education. They are founding members of the new City Market Artist Collective – a gallery run for and by artists. They have taught kids’ summer art classes to a variety of ages for many years at a variety of places including Artspace, Wild at Art and the NCMA. Both are professional painters and have taught mural painting, sculpture, sewing, printmaking, bookmaking and mixed media. They find that working with kids regularly helps keep them inspired in the studio. Their philosophy is to give kids the tools to create and creative freedom to explore. Every kid has their own unique imagination!

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