Dreamcatcher celebrates the magical adventures and wonder tales of Native America.

Leland Faulkner shares little known traditional stories using spoken word and eloquent movement. These journeys into the fabulous are full of entertaining lessons from Turtle Island, and are a gift and legacy for future generations. They are a beautiful celebration of the human imagination and exemplify the simple power of culture and community.

Learn about the origin of the dreamcatcher, Crow’s gift to his friends, the consequences of Coyote’s greed, and more wisdom from Native lore. Every inch of modern America was once Native land.  Acknowledging the history and the people who came before us is one way we can demonstrate respect for the country we all live in. Teaching young people about the history, issues, and values of a proud people that still exist is an important and overlooked part of history.

Artist Background

Leland Faulkner is a member of The Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians in Odenah, Wisconsin, his mother’s tribe, his father was a Shoshone Bannock tribal member from Fort Hall, Idaho. His feet are planted in both worlds.

For thirty five years Leland has been a performing artist, and he grew up with an international background living in Afghanistan, Iran, and Africa. His life and performances have informed his world walking journey, as he has appeared in festivals and on tours all over the U.S., Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Spain, and Turkey. Experiencing life in multiple cultures has inspired the title for this program Dreamcatcher, his celebration of the good medicine found in the wisdom of Native America.

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