Dancing Drum Interactive Performance Assembly

Dancing Drum Interactive Performance Assembly

Dancing Drum’s Interactive Performance Assemblies are high-energy programs that engage, entertain, and inspire your entire school. From the first moments of a Dancing Drum assembly, the sound of drum rhythms echo through your school while all students play and sing along with clapping, body percussion and vocal chants. Next, groups of student volunteers play 100 drums and percussion instruments throughout the show. Schools across the country have said this was one of the best assemblies they ever had! Join in the rhythm and bring this community-building musical experience to your school! Schools can choose a “Drumming Up Character” or “Drumming Up World Music” focus for their assemblies. The “Drumming Up Character” assembly program enriches your school’s character education initiative through rhythm, song, and dance! This high energy, interactive assembly engages students through hip drum rhythms, character rap songs, and exciting dance routines about Fairness, Caring, Responsibility and Respect. The “Drumming Up World Music” assembly program takes students on an interactive musical journey to learn about rhythms from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the United States! Listen to the sounds of African drums, steel pan, bells, shakers and blocks as we showcase these fascinating musical traditions of the world.

To view an excerpt of this program visit: https://youtu.be/E8I90ulk7D0

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.
Click here to view drum safe protocol for Dancing Drum: https://dancingdrum.com/pages/drum-safe

Artist Background

Dancing Drum’s mission is to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, and INSPIRE people of all ages through interactive, percussion-based programming and materials. We are a comprehensive resource for schools and other organizations that wish to incorporate drumming into their instructional day. Since our founding in 2002, we have aimed to set a national standard for innovative, integrated arts education for schools. Dancing Drum’s approach is inclusive, positive, musical, and fun! We offer several program themes for schools including multi-cultural awareness and character education. Drumming is not only about making music, it’s also a medium through which students can work together to build school community, learn to focus in a dynamic environment, and enjoy an energetic and productive outlet for creative self-expression.

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