Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Russian Duo models and discusses collaboration by playing chamber music, then preparing students to listen, sing and play together. Our participatory performance helps cultural, musical, and historical literacy by introducing Russian vocabulary, geography, composers, then using this during the program for informed listening and decision-making. Students learn musical concepts such as “beat” “phrase” “accelerando” as they perform with us using Russian Percussion instruments. Our interactive performance demonstrates form and structure of music so students can understand where to listen, where to join in singing. Students learn how to follow a conductor, listen and watch for start/stop signals, perform percussion in a specific tempo, They participate in loud/soft, fast/slow and learn musical some musical terminology (beat, phrase, cut-off, verse, chorus, solo, chamber music). Students experience the interlocking roles of audience, composer and performer.

Artist Background

Russian Duo, an international project born out of a love of traditional music and classical elegance, has been fascinating children across North America with vibrant balalaika, piano and vocal performances. Oleg, a virtuoso from Siberia and Terry, an American pianist perform traditional Russian music, chamber music classics and unique transcriptions of world favorites. Russian Duo celebrates cross-cultural collaboration.

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