Creekside: The Journey of a Young Environmentalist

Creekside: The Journey of a Young Environmentalist

Creekside: The Journey of a Young Environmentalist is the story of Mia, a young girl who discovers something wrong with the creek behind her house. She sets out to make it better with the help of a few famous female environmentalists who happen to wander by: Rachel Carson, Peggy Shepard and Julia Butterfly Hill. Four actors perform in this piece, and through music, audience participation, and narrative, students dive into concepts of environmental justice, interconnectedness, youth activism, and responsibility. This program can easily be incorporated into curriculum studies of ecosystems and waterways, civic responsibility and stewardship, as well as celebrations of women’s history. There are also optional (but highly encouraged!) interactive opportunities which require a little legwork in advance if schools are interested: a group of students learning a song to perform during the show, select students reading historical letters, and/or students creating protest signs to be used in the show. After this performance, young audiences leave feeling empowered — knowing kids CAN make a difference in their communities. Do what you love, for what you love! This program was developed with support from the Orange County Arts Commission.

An audio option of this program is available.

Artist Background

Founded in 2016, Curious Theatre Collective’s mission is to tell the stories of remarkable women through original educational theater programming. Highly interactive performances encourage young audiences to use their own voices and movement to take part in the storytelling. Students leave feeling inspired to follow their curiosity, persevere through obstacles, and embrace teamwork. Curious Theatre Collective was founded by four women who together have decades of experience in acting, composing, directing, playwriting, teaching, and arts administration. Since 2016, the group has expanded to include four more actors with diverse backgrounds in teaching, music, technical theater, and arts management.

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