Continuing the Legacy

Continuing the Legacy

During this performance, students will learn about traditional dance and music of African and African American cultures. Performers will demonstrate and share history of dances and movements, as well as context about certain instruments and how they were made before modern technology. Students also will learn about Africa and the African Diaspora, including geography of the African continent and its countries, and the influence of Africa’s many different cultures on our society today. Other core elements of the program include the value of accepting and being receptive to other cultures, respect for elders, respect for oneself and one another, and respect for the earth.  Performances also include components related to health and wellness and how to deal with bullying. Following the company’s long-standing tradition of innovation, AADE continually adds new components to its youth education programming.

For the 2021-22 both in person and virtual offerings are available.

Artist Background

The African American Dance Ensemble (AADE) is a Performing Arts Company with over 30 years experience in entertaining and educating school audiences K-12, Colleges and Universities, about African and African American Culture, Dance and Music. The AADE’s mission is to preserve and share the finest traditions of African and African American dance and music through research, education and entertainment. Our philosophy is Peace, Love, Respect, for the Planet, for the Elders, for Self, for Everybody. Our dances are learned from the Elders in Africa and the African Diaspora. Dr. Davis spent more than 4 decades learning, teaching and choreographing traditional African Dance. The company continues that tradition each year.

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