Coming to America

Coming to America
Your students arrive in America in 1901 with nothing but a steamer trunk and their dreams, and discover how to live in a new country without losing their own cultures. As we immigrate, we will integrate, bringing social studies and ELA to life through poetry and drama, and providing your students with a deep understanding of the process of becoming an American. One- and two-day Coming to America workshops are also available.

Artist Background

Mimi Herman is a teaching artist, writer and editor, and director of the United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute. Since 1990, she has engaged over 25,000 students with writing residencies, as well as providing professional development for teachers, administrators, and teaching artists. Mimi is a member of the AWP Board of Directors and co-director of Writeaways writing workshops in Italy, France and New Mexico. In 2017 she was named the North Carolina Piedmont Laureate, and in 2020 she received the United Arts Council Business Support of the Arts Award.

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