Books Alive Workshops

Books Alive Workshops

In a Books Alive workshop, students in grades PreK-5th learn acting tools and skills in an active warm-up with the InterAct teaching artist, engaging their bodies while growing as actors. The teaching artist will then interactively share an age-appropriate children’s book or folktale, with students practicing inference and critical thinking skills as well as engaging in rhyming or patterning skills with younger students, depending on the chosen text. Students practice sequencing the story before demonstrating their comprehension by acting out the story together as a group in their own words, led by the teaching artist as a Narrator. In some cases, students are able to work with the artist to create brand new stories as a class and act these out. By participating in a Books Alive workshop, students engage in developmentally appropriate practice of oral language, literacy, and writing skills through creative drama, while simultaneously working on other key social and emotional learning (SEL) skills as they come together as an ensemble. Books Alive workshops are highly adaptable; given time to coordinate with classroom teachers, workshops can be aligned with any specific classroom curricula and learning goals as requested.

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InterAct Story Theatre is a multidisciplinary arts-in-education organization and touring theatre for young audiences. Since our founding in 1981, we have been dedicated to providing quality performances, arts-infused workshops and artist-in-residency programs for students, teachers and families throughout our region and across the country. As experts in arts integration, InterAct is committed to producing arts programs with artistic integrity and direct relevance to the educational objectives of the schools and community organizations we serve. Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts!

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