Bollywood Dance- A Multicultural Confluence Workshop

Bollywood Dance- A Multicultural Confluence Workshop

 “Bollywood Dance- A Multicultural Confluence Workshop” is an exciting, upbeat, educational exploration of the modern and folk dance forms of India. Borrowing and lending to world dance styles, Bollywood is a coinage of the words “Bombay” & “Hollywood,” so in effect it is the entertainment medium of the largest population on the planet.  An authentic dance from the diverse sub-genres of Bollywood Dance is taught to students who learn the rhythm, expressions, and background that represent the traditions of the specific Indian region, festivals, or folklore.

Students first get to see a full track of choreographed pieces by the presenting teacher, which is energetic, lyrically expressive, and upbeat. They then learn some short dance pieces that accompany the recorded musical pieces. Emphasis is placed on the authentic flavor of the steps, as well as the hallmarks of the onscreen dance, based on the cultural significance and/or the particular lyrical context. Values of community and social interdependence – plus how these values relate to success in today’s global world- are touched upon.

Bollywood Dance workshops broaden students’ understanding of our increasingly interdependent and diverse world and encourage them to embrace a life of assimilation, sharing, identity, and critical thinking while at the same time being a great fitness workout and FUN. An open Q & A may also form part of the activity where students have the opportunity to ask any questions surrounding the content. They are able to use the dance pieces as part of future school presentations.

Duration: May run from one to several lectures with fully customizable and grade-appropriate content. Students may be any number from 20-100 at a time.

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Artist Background

Priya Chellani is an international dance tutor for 25+ years, as well as a choreographer/ producer. As a former dance finalist of India in 90’s Priya hails from the city of Bollywood cinema: Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital, where she directed a thriving academy for 15 years, choreographed for upcoming stars, and created prize-winning student entries for reality TV. Migrating offshore to global destination Dubai, she served a multitude of cultures, collaborating with international event and educational organizations, major fashion brands, government entities, and corporate chains. As a teaching artist later in New Zealand, & Atlanta/Raleigh, USA she continued similar liaisons, represented by students at public shows, and diversity workshops. Priya has served as judge on university dance competitions, at cultural festivals & interfaced with retail, hospitality, fitness & education industries.

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