Bollywood Dance – A Cultural Confluence, A Celebration

Bollywood Dance – A Cultural Confluence, A Celebration

Bollywood Dance Performance Assembly

Upbeat, high-energy dancing! Exciting student participation! “Bollywood Dance – A Cultural Confluence, A Celebration”  is an educational and exciting exploration of the movie entertainment industry of India. We present an engaging, interactive showcase with fully customizable durations that last a single grade level performance or a full day of “informance’ style experiences.

The show begins with an attractive surprise dance entrance by our artists dressed in colorful attire, and students are engaged from the beginning! With opportunities to sing, clap along, stomp, and shake, students enjoy learning about the music and dance moves that represent the enhancing blend of modern meeting the traditional. They then learn more with  hands-on time. Emphasis is placed on the authentic flavor of the steps, as well as the hallmarks of the dance, based on the cultural significance and its lyrical context.

Students discover why this pan-India Dance industry has gone on to become a popular entertainment form, spawning a whole exercise and dance phenomenon worldwide and even a musical song bagging an Oscar Award in 2023! Students may also see how Bollywood weaves pop world dance elements into its frame, thus being a confluence of cultures. With catchy music that offers a glimpse of a diverse sub-continents modern and traditional sides, our teachers keep them engaged throughout with a swift pace and quality fun learning time. Bollywood Dance Showcase Assemblies broadens students’ understanding of our increasingly interdependent and diverse global world and encourage them to embrace a life of assimilation, sharing, identity, and community. While at the same time being a great fitness workout and FUN. The show culminates with a surprise teacher participation twist – fun and exciting for staff and students alike!

Artist Background

Priya Chellani is an international dance tutor for 25+ years, as well as a choreographer/ producer. As a former dance finalist of India in 90’s Priya hails from the city of Bollywood cinema: Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital, where she directed a thriving academy for 15 years, choreographed for upcoming stars, and created prize-winning student entries for reality TV. Migrating offshore to global destination Dubai, she served a multitude of cultures, collaborating with the international event and educational organizations, major fashion brands, government entities, and corporate chains. As a teaching artist later in New Zealand, & Atlanta/Raleigh, USA she continued similar liaisons, represented by students at public shows, and diversity workshops, served as a judge on university dance competitions, at cultural festivals & interfaced with retail, hospitality, fitness & education industries.

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