Bathtub Pirates!

Bathtub Pirates!

Some of the best times in a child’s life are spent playing in the bathtub. Surrounded by aquatic toys and a sea of bubbles, the imagination runs wild! What child hasn’t pretended to be a pirate, sailing on his own bathtub ship? Captain Blackbeard, one of the Carolinas most infamous pirates, is without his ship. So a child’s bathtub will have to do. His motley crew outfits the bathtub with rudder, sail and a Jolly Roger pirate flag. At first the child is delighted. However, once at sea, the pirates put the “kid”ť to work. The life of a pirate proves to be less than romantic. Blackbeard has other plans. He wants to be a more contemporary pirate. Instead of sunken treasure, he’s after high-tech software. He schemes to be rich by pirating the latest video games and programs. When the “kid” gets wind of Blackbeard’s plan, he devises a plan. Captain Kid challenges Blackbeard to a duel. Thanks to a last minute act by the plumber, the kid is victorious and sails off into the sunset.

Artist Background

Well- known for their trademark whimsical approach to storytelling and exquisite puppet design, Grey Seal Puppets offers a variety of puppet performances sure to tickle your fancy. Their repertoire includes a variety of productions from familiar fairy tales (The Emperor’s New Clothes) to original stories (Bathtub Pirates). The company’s thirty-year history includes such honors as three Citations of Excellence from UNIMA-USA (International puppetry organization), the President’s Award from the Puppeteers of America, and the Award for Leadership in Theatre from the NC Theatre Conference.

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