Baba Got BARS – Workshop/Residency

Baba Got BARS – Workshop/Residency

Baba Got BARS walks the students through the creative writing process using original songs and workbooks created by Baba Bomani. The residency shows how a well written essay resembles a well written song, with the introductory paragraph being analogous to the chorus and the supporting paragraphs being the verses. There are different lesson plans for k-2, 3-5 and 6-8 grade students. Lessons are centered around up to 18 original songs such as “The Three Rules of Creative Writing”, “The Writing Process” and “The Four Ways to Rhyme”. The process includes modeling the writing process, individual rhymes (for grades 3 and up) and group rhymes written on topics being discussed in class. The plan is carefully scaffolded and corresponds directly with most aspects of ELA and Fine Art requirements.




Artist Background

As a poet, producer and hip-hop MC, Baba Bomani teaches fun and informative workshops, residencies, assemblies, professional development classes and seminars in what has evolved into a writing curriculum called BARS. Bomani is a Kennedy Center CETA facilitator, a teaching artist on the Young Audiences of Maryland and Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania roster, and just completed a summer tour of all the public libraries in Delaware. He is also the founder of the Frederick Douglass Writing Club, a literacy history and club taught at several schools and homeschooling collectives between 8 and 12 based on the life and career of Frederick Douglass.

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