On Tour with Burning Coal: Poetry in Motion

On Tour with Burning Coal: Poetry in Motion

Burning Coal is partnering with Authoring Action (Winston-Salem) and the North Carolina Poetry Society (Southern Pines) to present POETRY IN MOTION an in-schools (or virtual, if need be) powerful production intended to expand students’ access to great writing and to spur them to put pen to paper themselves. First, hear our four person, trained professional performing artists interpret some of the greatest poems ever written, from Walt Whitman to Maya Angelou, from Robert Frost to Bob Dylan. Because the tour can be performed virtually this year, we are able to book any date or dates throughout the year. It may also be available in person if the pandemic clears up. In the performance, you will hear our actors interpret the poetry of past and present generations and then talk about how that poetry speaks to them today. The actors will talk about the different kinds of poetry, from the Elizabethan iambic pentameter to the Beat Poets’ free verse. Following the performance, students can partake in a live or livestreamed talkback with the cast and instructor. After that, NC Poetry Society will schedule a time to visit each school and help students get started writing their own poetry based on their own lived experiences or their creative imagination.

Artist Background

Burning Coal Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit [501 (c) (3)] theatre company that has served the triangle for twenty years. Its mission is to produce literate, visceral, affecting theatre that is experienced, not simply seen. Its education program has reached thousands of students over the course of its existence and emphasizes literacy, empowerment, and personal growth through the arts.

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