Aliens Alive – A Space STEAM Adventure

Aliens Alive – A Space STEAM Adventure

While on a routine mission aboard The Story Ship rocket, Captain Starfield discovers his lead scientist has a been kidnapped by aliens! The audience must help get her back by unraveling musical / mathematical messages. The messages help track her captors through the solar system. Each communication gives us clues as to the alien’s location and how to rescue Sarah. This show is highly interactive with audience participation every two minutes. Kids help by assisting with magic tricks, singing songs, moving to the music, and navigating the rescue rocket with special controls. The set is the inside control room of a space ship with a giant window that shows video animations and holographic images teaching us about Sarah’s amazing journey through our solar system. Students learn facts about space and our solar system as outlined in the curriculum connections in the study guide. The performer adjusts the show content to match grade levels and students special needs.

Note: “Aliens Alive” Augmented Reality Experience The show comes really does come alive with this Augmented Reality app where students explore our solar system while playing an interactive game. A scavenger hunt searching for alien messages found on posters at your very own school takes students on this exciting adventure!

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Artist Background

Sean Driscoll began performing professionally at the age of fifteen. At sixteen he was awarded the Young Artist award in Atlanta, GA and began a long career entertaining children in school with educational programs. Now forty years later, Sean tours regularly throughout the US performing in theaters, schools, libraries, television, concert, and festival settings. Sean completed his BFA in music from Florida State University and taught classical guitar for ten years at Armstrong University in Savannah, GA. He has been selected for Artist in Residence programs throughout the US (1990 to present). Mr. Driscoll reaches hundreds of thousands of children each year through his residencies, workshops, and performances. He recently performed for over 10,000 kids in Houston, Over 7,000 shows!

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