Adaptive Music with Push Play Sing

Adaptive Music with Push Play Sing

The goal of Push Play Sing’s Adaptive Music Workshops is to emphasize free expression and group play through music-making for students with and without disabilities. Upon arrival, a sensory sound lab is set up which includes keyboards, touch pads, beat pads, and microphones, as well as traditional acoustic percussion instruments such as drums and shakers. All of our instruments are programmed to be played together in perfect harmony, meaning there is zero need for prior musical experience. The class is fun and empowering because participants can quickly experience success. We jump right in to facilitate group play that focuses on creative expression and freedom of choice. Participants are encouraged to try out all of our instruments and support their peers as a group experience. Guided activities such as playing along to specific rhythms, call and response, and turn taking help students explore in an organized and friendly environment. All of the music performed in the workshop is also recorded for future use. Students can enjoy listening to the final product as a way to continue their musical journey.

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The goal of Push Play Sing’s Adaptive Music Workshop is to emphasize free expression and group-play in a highly structured, empowering, and supportive music-making environment. Students will try out a number of exciting electronic and acoustic instruments until they find the perfect one that makes them shine. No previous musical experience is required to play, and in addition to creative expression, students will practice turn-taking, listening, and cheering on their peers. Every single electronic instrument in the workshop is preprogrammed to play in-key, meaning every time a student pushes a button or presses a key, they are guaranteed a pleasing musical sound in return. Best of all, every bit of music is recorded for teachers to later share with friends and families. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways, and each recorded song is a distinct memento of a student’s individuality.

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