ABCD’s: Adaptive Beats Classroom Drumming and Song

ABCD’s:  Adaptive Beats Classroom Drumming and Song

In most rhythmacultures around the planet, rhythm, song, and dance are entwined in the special occasions around which communities gather.  Greg has assembled a selection of his favorite songs and chants that highlight these sentiments.  Everyone can sing and tap along to the best of their abilities while Greg leads.  Greg uses soft-sound drums to help with sensory overload and is willing to discuss other adaptations or alternate instrumentation.

NOTE: DRUM FOR CHANGE IS NOT A PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLE. The artist brings real instruments for every student. Class sizes are limited to 12 students and 25 total participants so that EVERYONE has the opportunity to make music TOGETHER.

A PLANNING MEETING IS REQUIRED upon booking this program.

Artist Background

Greg Whitt has received four competitive Regional Artist Project Grants from United Arts, two for the study of folkloric music in the Caribbean, one to support specialized drumming in wellness settings, and one to support a collection of essays about positive affirmations set to music and illustrated with video. With a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, his programs are actually hands-on philosophy about how we can live, work, and play well together in community. Only they’re cleverly disguised as music. And they’re delivered as interactive and engaging fun. Working in corporations, congregations, communities and classrooms, Greg facilitates team building, education, and wellness programs using music as the metaphor for life in rhythm and harmony with one another and with the world around us.


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