A Musical Trip Around the World

A Musical Trip Around the World

A MUSICAL TRIP AROUND THE WORLD is totally participatory in nature. Through multi-lingual singing, students will gain a perception of the rich differences that exist between cultures, while also sensing the universal nature of music that binds the world together as one family. Students may learn a bi-lingual Puerto Rican song celebrating the human family, a Kiswahili counting song, an animal song in French, a clock song in Danish, a mystery song in Japanese, or a New Orleans vegetarian jazz song. Many songs are also accompanied with Sign Language. “Excellent! Fun and singable.” – PTA Chair, Baucom Elem.; Apex NC. “Elise Witt is a master at her craft, as proficient in the classroom as she is on the stage.” -Arts Coordinator, O’Maley School, Gloucester MA.

Artist Background

Elise’s concerts and workshops of create and connect singing communities around the world. Born in Switzerland, raised in NC, and living in Atlanta since 1977, Elise speaks 5 languages fluently and sings in a dozen more. The Elise Witt Choral Series features her original compositions. A beloved teacher and highly respected arts educator, Elise has created a musical career by combining her 2 passions – singing and languages. She has been singing in Wake County schools since 1988, and is on the rosters of state and local arts agencies around the US and beyond. Currently, Elise serves as Artist-in-Residence at the Global Village Project, an arts-integrated school for teenage refugee girls, in Decatur GA.

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