A Journey Through Rhythms: Percussion Workshop

A Journey Through Rhythms: Percussion Workshop

Through this workshop Alex presents the evolution of musical rhythms from the African diaspora to the rich musical genre’s of the Caribbean and the Americas. Styles presented include: South African pop, West African rhythms, Brazilian Samba, Colombian Cumbia, Afro/cuban, Haitian compas, Caribbean Calypso and jazz. Mr. Weisss will show and then orchestrate specific rhythms with the class to play a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments. Then Alex will play songs on the cornet or flute with the classes rhythm to give it context. This program also includes stories and spoken word. Students will learn how to listen and work together with rhythms, experience similarities and differences in diverse music styles and cultures along with a historical context of how cultures and music evolve. This workshop is highly adaptabe to grade level and curriculum needs. Focus could be more in depth on just one region/culture or, the workshop could include orchestrating rhythms for selected popular songs for band or school performance. recommended for grades 5 – 9 will work with special needs * Option: This workshop has also been done with all classes in one sitting, more performance style, not as much hands on.

Artist Background

Alex Weiss is a composer, multi instrumentalist and storyteller . Alex’s interest in other cultures and music genres has led him to travels around the world. He has played music on every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Alex feels a deep appreciation for the diverse cultures of our world and is dedicated to sharing it through music. Since 1987 Mr. Weiss has been offering residencies, workshops and performances throughout the Carolinas. July 2015 Alex and his ensemble Different Drum performed at “Fiesta del Fuego” a week long International festival in Santiago, Cuba.

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