A Cappella Reinvents the Genres

A Cappella Reinvents the Genres

In this entertaining and highly interactive program, students will compare and contrast the characteristic sounds of popular music genres such as country, jazz, rock & roll, rap/hip-hop, pop, 80’s and/or electronic dance music (EDM). Students will become familiar with the historical and cultural context imperative to the development of each genre and will learn specific improvisational vocal techniques used to imitate complex sounds, both instrumental and inorganic, essential to a cappella interpretations of songs within each musical category. Students will observe and differentiate between the varying demonstrated performance styles of songs within each genre, and will witness and contribute to the creative and artistically innovative process of vocally transforming a song between genres! Students will hear and learn to imitate specific percussive patterns essential to the groove or rhythmic “feel” of each musical genre. Vocabulary and musical concepts will be age-appropriate, and students will have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions to the performing artists!

Artist Background

Transit Vocal Band is four singers – that’s it! As their “all band, no instruments” tagline suggests, they recreate a captivating, full-band sound using the power, versatility and emotion of the most powerful instrument of all – the human voice! Transit Vocal Band has entertained audiences of up to 40,000 people in venues throughout the US, including the prestigious Carnegie Hall, and boasts award-winning albums! Since 2005, their cast of professional musicians has educated over 1,000 school audiences comprised of K-12 through college-level students. Transit Vocal Band’s customized educational programs inspire young minds by showcasing how science, technology and artistic innovation combine to enhance all-vocal performance while celebrating the cultural and historical evolution of the contemporary a cappella music genre!

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