The History and Creations of Barn Quilts

The History and Creations of Barn Quilts

Students will paint their own Barn Quilts on a 2′ by 2′ wood panel. Schools will decide before the residency if they would like to have a legacy that students leave at the school as a permanent display or have the works returned to students after a period of display. Students will have an introduction of the history of Barn Quilts and the Pennsylvania Dutch practice of painting designs of meaning to their barns and houses. Students will be asked to create symbols of meaning to them, or in honor of their own history and families. They will then design and paint their own designs using brushes, tape, stencils, rulers, etc.

Artist Background

Virginia Maier is an artist and art teacher living in North Carolina since 2011. She graduated with a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Arizona in 2008. She has a passion for teaching and using art as a way to connect with each other in community. She has experience working with diverse populations and age ranges, from infants to the elderly. She produces her own artwork and she has exhibited in several local galleries and craft markets as well as participating in community art projects. Virginia now works with the United Arts Council Artist in Residence Programs with schools in Wake and Johnson County.

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