Atlantic Coast Theatre (ACT) For Youth SHOWS ON TOUR

Atlantic Coast Theatre (ACT) For Youth SHOWS ON TOUR

Atlantic Coast Theatre: Shows On Tour Our 2022-2023 Touring Season has 6 fantastic productions coming to North Carolina.

THE TIME MACHINE: H.G. Wells Science Fiction novel as a S.T.E.A.M. Powered Rock Musical.

THE PIED BAG-PIPER OF HAMELIN: A Scottish Bag-Piper is hired to rid Hamelin Town of pests, but the town Mayor may not keep her promises.

THE ELVES & THE SHOEMAKER: An Elf from the North Forest must help a poor shoemaker, with assistance from the Elves in the audience.

CHARLES DICKENS’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL: The 2 actors use only their imaginations & items from the drawing room to perform 15 characters from the classic story.

SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE OPERA MYSTERY: The world’s most famous detective investigates a diamond theft at The Royal Opera.

RUMPELSTILTSKIN: The elaborate masks and comic characters of Commedia Del’Arte (Italian Renaissance Comedy) along with audience participation bring to life the story of the magical little man who can spin straw into gold.

All performances, sets, and props are provided by two highly skilled professional actors.

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Both in-person and virtual (pre-recorded) options are available for:


Artist Background

The Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T.) For Youth is a Central Florida-based Professional Touring Theatre For Young Audiences & Families. A.C.T. For Youth produces imaginative live theatrical productions which tour to Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Schools, Libraries, Festivals, & Museums. Shows are performed by the husband and wife team of Don Gruel & Noel Holland. Each has more than 18 years of experience in professional theatre with a large focus of their work being in Theatre For Young Audiences. Additionally, a wide selection of Hands-On Theatre Workshops and Residency Programs are available. Since 1999, A.C.T. For Youth has given over 2000 Performances for more than 650,000 audience members in 18 U.S. States.

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