Atlantic Coast Theatre: Shows On Tour

Atlantic Coast Theatre: Shows On Tour

Our 2021-2022 Touring Season has 5 fantastic productions coming to North Carolina. THE TIME MACHINE: H.G. Wells Science Fiction novel as a S.T.E.A.M. Powered Rock Musical. THE FAIRY TALES OF GRIMM: Classic tales performed as a comic 1850’s Melodrama. THE PIED BAG-PIPER OF HAMELIN: A Scottish Bag-Piper is hired to rid Hamelin Town of pests, but the town Mayor may not keep her promises. THE ELVES & THE SHOEMAKER: An Elf from the North Forest must help a poor shoemaker, with assistance from the Elves in the audience.

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Both in-person and virtual (pre-recorded) options are available for:


Artist Background

The Atlantic Coast Theatre (A.C.T.) For Youth is a Central Florida-based Professional Touring Theatre For Young Audiences & Families. A.C.T. For Youth produces imaginative live theatrical productions which tour to Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Schools, Libraries, Festivals, & Museums. Shows are performed by the husband and wife team of Don Gruel & Noel Holland. Each has more than 18 years of experience in professional theatre with a large focus of their work being in Theatre For Young Audiences. Additionally, a wide selection of Hands-On Theatre Workshops and Residency Programs are available. Since 1999, A.C.T. For Youth has given over 2000 Performances for more than 650,000 audience members in 18 U.S. States.

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