Bright Star Touring Season

Bright Star Touring Season

Bright Star Touring Theatre’s engaging 45 minute plays help students develop an appreciation for theatre while connecting to a wide variety of curricular concepts. Productions cover subjects like STEAM, Anti-Bullying, Literature, Black History, Holidays and more. As one of the most affordable companies in the business, each tour travels with three shows so schools can mix and match or work with other nearby schools to receive discounts. Students can learn anything from how to overcome cyber-bullying, how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. planned the March on Washington, or even how a bill becomes a law. We employ professional actor-educators from across the country, and after each show students are treated to a “behind the scenes” Q&A. Study guides, full show descriptions and other resources are available online at  In addition to our shows, hour long workshops, professional development, and three to five day residencies are available and can be tailored to meet your school’s exact needs.

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Bright Star is one of the nation’s largest and most affordable theatre companies for young audiences. Our mission is to help schools nurture inclusion, diversity and enriched educational opportunities through our amazing shows and residencies. Integrating with curricular and character-education goals, Bright Star plays are as entertaining as they are educational. From Heroes of the Underground Railroad to Friend Request (our cyber bullying show), and Igor and the Masters of STEM (our brand new STEM offering), Bright Star offers something for everyone, with more than 50 productions hitting the road covering anti-bullying, STEAM and much more! Bright Star will serve more than 2000 audiences this year including many schools, theatres and museums in the Raleigh area.


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