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United Arts Council


We need your help to provide quality arts experiences throughout Wake County. Your time and support make an immeasurable impact in the lives of our students, artists and neighbors.

Together, we create change.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Give to support our programs and services that bring the arts to Raleigh and Wake County!
  • Ask your company to conduct a workplace campaign on behalf of United Arts.
  • Volunteer to be the coordinator of your company’s workplace campaign.
  • Volunteer to be a cultural arts representative at your child’s school.
  • Help a PTA raise money to provide arts opportunities for their students. (PTAs raise the bulk of the money needed for these programs. United Arts then matches these funds. )
  • Sign your child up for art classes, or experience the arts with your children. Go to a local play, concert or art gallery.
  • Explore the arts for yourself and support local arts programs. Take a class in acting, pottery or painting.
  • Volunteer for an arts organization.
  • Contact your state and federal representatives and let them know that the arts are important to you.
  • Grab a seat or host a dinner at our annual Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner fundraiser.

For more information about volunteering, contact Lisa McIntosh at [email protected]

PO Box 26388
Raleigh, NC 27611

Phone: (919) 839-1498
[email protected]