Program Types

Schools may apply for up to four grants in three categories. Two may be requests for a performance, one may be a request for a workshop/residency, and one for a week-long writer residency.

Performance Grant:

A performance educates and entertains through a presentation/demonstration format. Shows typically run 45–60 minutes and may involve audience participation. Some performances also include a Question and Answer segment.

Workshop/Residency Grant:

Workshop/Residency programs offer hands-on arts-based session(s) that enhance a curriculum. The category applies to any discipline offered through the Artists in Schools program. Both formats actively involve students in participator work. Schedules may vary but most utilize designated class times as published by each individual school.

  • Workshop Format: a one time experience
  • Residency Format: multiple sequential sessions, working with the same group of students each session and culminating with a student product

Writer Residency Grant: 

A writer residency involves a minimum of five sequential instructional sessions where the writer works directly with the same group of students. Each session focuses on the student and enhances their own understanding of the creative writing process.

Set periods of at least 45–60 minutes are required to ensure participating students receive ample instruction and have time to explore the writing process from beginning to end.