Changes to Schedule and Contract

Cultural Arts Representatives are required to inform United Arts of any deviations from the executed contract, such as changes in date, artist fee, and/or number of participating students.

If a program must be cancelled, the school and artist are required to work together to reschedule the event. If the school must cancel due to inclement weather or school closing, the Cultural Arts Representative should attempt to reschedule the program immediately. Likewise, if an artist is ill or otherwise unable to present a program as contracted, the artist must notify the school immediately and attempt to reschedule the program as soon as possible. 

If a program does not occur on the contracted date, one five options may be implemented:

  1. School and artist work to reschedule the event during the current school year;
  2. School and artist reschedule the event for the following school year (requires UAC approval);
  3. If the school cannot reschedule: as bound by the contract, the school’s matching payment of the total artist fee is paid to the artist;
  4. If the artist cannot reschedule: the school may use its grant to schedule another artist’s program in the same grant category during the current school year; or the school may forfeit its grant and have its matching payment returned;
  5. If both the school and artist are unable to reschedule: the school forfeits its grant and its matching payment is returned.